About Us

A new generation of learning applications

Toptrack Learning Ltd is a cross-curricular education technology company based in Exeter in the UK. The company was founded by Justin Sycamore in 2009 to develop a new generation of learning applications to meet the changing needs of both students and teachers in an evolving online world. The first of these, Vocab Express, is a language learning application officially launched in 2010 and now used by over 1,200 schools and institutions in the UK and overseas.

Motivating students into active, independent learning

Our applications appeal to students’ competitive spirit, using real-time leaderboards and challenges to encourage continued learning. Students are awarded points for completing activities and can compete against both their classmates and even students in other schools.

Enabling teachers to track their students’ progress

All Toptrack applications provide a range of useful tracking and reporting tools to allow teachers to fully incorporate them into their teaching. Teachers can use our applications to set homework tasks (without the marking overhead), to reward high achievers and to identify students requiring additional support.

Providing high-quality content tailored to students’ needs

We work collaboratively with a wide range of examination boards, renowned publishers and specialist authors to ensure that all our resources are relevant to the material you are teaching. Our dedicated content team is always in the process of developing and adding new resources.

Who are we

We are a small but growing team of energetic and enthusiastic individuals, each of whom brings their own unique skillset to the Toptrack mission. We are passionate about education, and in particular about how technology can be used creatively in the classroom to the benefit of both teachers and students.

Serious about learning ™